About Acing Languages

meet Kareena Aswani

CEO and Founder of Acing Languages

“No one understands a student better than a student.

I grew up between Europe (Spain & France), Asia (India) and North Africa (Morocco). I did Spanish and French for the IGCSE and was rewarded the bilingual IB diploma in Valencia, Spain. I am currently studying international business and languages in Paris, France.

At the age of 17, I started teaching Spanish and French to students in different parts of the world. These students were learning the language for different purposes: some to ace their exams (ICSE, IGCSE, IB etc.), some who wanted to learn the language from a native for fun and others who wanted to perfect the language before moving to the country. While I started with only 20 students, in 2 years this number has grown exponentially and hence I decided to start Acing Languages.

Acing languages is an online language learning platform for students in which native language skilled students teach other students across the world! We strongly believe that there is no one better who can guide you than a skilled student who knows what it is like to be taught and understands your needs.

All of our teachers are natives and have grown up speaking the language. They are willing to help you master the language and travel to the country in every class.

Learn the language from a trained, language skilled native student, make long-lasting friendships with them and choose to learn the language in groups or individually.” - Kareena Aswani CEO and Founder of Acing Languages

Our Team

Meet our native teachers: 

KAREENA (Spanish)

¡Hola a todos! 

My name is Kareena and I was born and brought up in Valencia, Spain where I was rewarded the bilingual IB Diploma. 

I look forward to teaching you Spanish and helping you master the accents, local expressions, grammar and the Spanish language. Let's ace your exams together! 

¡Hasta pronto!


Bonjour à tous! 

I'm Clementine Grousseau, a current student of ESSEC, a business school in France! I was born in Nantes, France, but raised in the North-East in the USA. I'm a holder of the French Baccalaureate which I earned at 16!

I can't wait to meet and teach you :)

Looking forward to it! 

À bientôt!

ANTONIA (German)

Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen!

My name is Antonia, I was born and raised in Germany and lived in both Munich and Hamburg. I would love to show you and teach you all about the German culture and language and give you all the insights I have, so you will be best prepared for your next trip to Germany and of course get good grades in your exams. 

Can’t wait to meet you.

CECILIA (Italian)


I am Cecilia! I am from Milan, Italy and I am currently studying in the USA. I am looking forward to teach you Italian and to teach you about the Italian culture, so that you will be ready to visit Italy, and you will learn how to speak Italian fluently!I am looking forward to meeting you soon, we will have fun!!

A presto!

LAURA (Spanish)


I'm Laura, nice to meet you! Some background knowledge about me; I was born and raised in Valencia, Spain and I studied in a bilingual IGCSE and IB school there. I would be glad to show you the beauty of the Mediterranean culture as you progress in your use Spanish and make the most of this time together. Achieving good grades while having a good time is now an option, so come and join us!

¡Hasta pronto!

YUWEN (Chinese)

你好 Hello! I am Yuwen. 

I come from the city of Panda - Chengdu, China, where I spent most of childhood in. I studied in France, Singapore, and the UK. 

I enjoy a wide range of activities and I love exploring difierent cultures. 

I look forward to teaching you the Chinese language and culture.

See you soon in class!

MARTA (Spanish)

Buenos días o tardes, 

My name is Marta and I am from Valencia, Spain. I studied since I was little in a bilingual school and got my C2 certificate when I graduated. I strongly believe that languages open doors all over the world and I would be excited to open up the Spanish door to you. I look forward to showing you the Spanish culture and tradition and helping you ace my language. 

Nos vemos

SOFIA (French)


Je m'appelle Sofia et je suis française. 

I am currently studying at ESSEC Business School in Paris, France and I lived in Singapore for a semester where I really loved meeting people from all over the world! 

I can not wait for you to discover the French culture and language with me :)

À plus!

ANJU (Japanese)


My name is Anju. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and I studied in France, Singapore and the US.

With the deep insight into Japanese culture, I will deliver you the best opportunity to learn and enjoy Japanese. 

Can’t wait you to join our wonderful journey of language! 

See you soon!

RAFA (Mexican)


Soy Rafa and I come from Mexico. 

I am really passionate about my culture and heritage and I can not wait to show you it while teaching you Spanish. 

¡Hasta pronto!

MARIA (German)

Hallo, wie geht's? 

My name is Maria, I am a quadrilingual student with a German mother. She taught me German when I was a small child so I became a native pretty early on. I spent all my life studying in German Schools around the world, including Germany, and got my ABITUR two years ago.

For me, languages fuel intelligence and multicultural communication. The more, the merrier. I look forward to teaching you German!

Bis bald!



Je suis Madeleine and I am a student at ESSEC Business School in Paris, France. I was born in Belgium but I spent the vast majority of my life in France. I have always enjoyed learning new languages  and I love to pass on my knowledge to others. 

I can't wait to meet you and to share my you my beautiful native language: Français!

À bientôt!



My name is Alexandre and I am from Paris, France. I spent my whole education under the French system. I did the French Baccalaureate and graduated with highest honors. I’m currently studying at one of the top French Business Schools in France. 

A fun fact about me is that I love travelling and making new friends from all over the world. I look forward to helping to master the French language. 

À plus tard!

DAPHNE (Italian)


Mi chiamo Daphne and I am an Italian University student. I was born and raised in Milan, Germany and went to an Italian-German bilingual school where I obtained both the Italian Maturità Diploma and the German Abitur. 

I look forward to sharing my knowledge not just regarding the language but also about the Italian traditions and culture. 

Ci vediamo in classe!

Alejandra (Spanish)


Mi nombre es Alejandra and I live in Valencia, Spain. I studied in a bilingual school where I did the IGCSE and the IB in Spanish and English. I love travelling and learning about new cultures and the fact that I speak fluent Spanish and English makes everything much easier!

I look forward to getting to know you and traveling to Spain in every class through language learning.

¡Nos vemos en pronto!

LILONG (Chinese)


My name is Lilong CAO and I usually go by Laura. I grew up in China, Shanghai which is one of the most international cities in the world. As a native Chinese/Mandarin speaker, I studied under the Chinese education system and experienced all kinds of exams. I like participating in MUN and it is my way to meet more friends and improve my English. I am bilingual at English and Chinese, currently studying French and Spanish. Learning languages is a fantastic journey! 

See you!

ESTEBAN (Spanish)


Me llamo Esteban and I was born in Barcelona, Spain. I grew up between Peru and Spain. I speak fluent Spanish and English. I have lived in several countries and I enjoy teaching as well as knowing about other cultures. I look forward to sharing my cultural experiences with you and helping you get excellent grades in your exams!

¡Nos vemos en clase!



Je m’appelle Marie-Valentine, i am currently a 3rd year student at ESSEC Business school in Paris France! My mother is French, and I grew up in the USA, where i graduated from a french school with the French Baccalaureate. I am fluent in french and english. 

Can’t wait to meet, speak, teach and share the secrets of the French language with you! 

Au revoir!