Ace It With a Native!

Learn the language from a native. Connect with a community of students worldwide with similar interests
as you.


Making language learning enjoyable! Mastering the language, grammar, accents, gestures and facial expressions with a native, building bridges between cultures and traveling to the country through language learning in every class

Ace your exams! Choose the customization pack and perfect your exams. Schedule a meeting to explain your curriculum. The teachers are trained to adapt to your curriculum and needs. We have taught from IGSCE to IB.

Creating a strong student community across the globe. Make lifelong friends with students around the world with similar interests as you.

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Here are what some of our students have to say on
Acing Languages:

Meghana Davey

Brad Pagdiwala

 “I have been learning Spanish for about 3 years and I have always been confused. I never understood how to conjugate, how to get my accents right and how to speak the language clearly but since lockdown has begun I have started doing online classes with Acing Languages and in these last 8 months, I have improved significantly…. my grades have improved too.”

Meghana Davey

Neel Menon

“I learned technical advanced skills and language concepts in an engaging and fun way. The same thing that in school we were learning over the course of a semester or even a year is what I covered in just 2-3 classes with Acing Languages which was really great.”

Meghana Davey

Sanaa Mehta

 “She taught me how to speak fluently and confidently. I could get around a Spanish speaking country on my own.” Sanaa aced her Spanish IB oral exam and got a 7/7 after a few classes with Acing Languages.

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A different language gives you a new perspective of life. There is no better way than learning from a native in a fun and effective way. Master the language, accent, pronunciations, gestures and travel to the country in every class.

CEO & Founder